December 12, 2005

Just a note - if you ordered original art, please check your ebay feedback - if I've left you feedback, your order was shipped today. If I have NOT left you feedback, then I have not received payment from you yet, and your item will ship as soon as that occurs - thanks! I was reassured by the post office that all internation artwork should reach its destination before Christmas, for any international buyers that were concerned.

If you have made a paypal payment for artwork, and I have not left feedback for you, please contact me via Ebay - if you've mailed in a payment and you haven't been left feedback, I probably just haven't gotten it in the mail yet, and your artwork will ship as soon as I get it. Thanks guys!

Comic updates are on hold for the moment as I am currently in the process of relocating - I'm hoping to have everything moved over by this weekend. Thanks for your patience with the delays!


Warehouse 23 is now doing poster printing, and as a result they are now offering the 'Read' design in a gorgeous, full-color 11x17 poster on heavyweight paper. I just received my comps today and I couldn't be happier with them. You can access the Warehouse 23 store by clicking on the 'store' button, or by clicking on this link - go give it a look!

Old News:

That's all, folks. Thank you for reading!

If you're despondent over the lack of QoW, this news may cheer you - due to an overwhelmingly positive reader response, QoW will start again next Monday and re-run all the original strips, seven days a week, with commentary. That's right, if you so choose you'll get to read my babblings about what exactly went on with the strips, stuff that wasn't supposed to happen, ideas that were ditched, ideas that were never explored, the works. I realize it's not NEW strips, but I thought it would be fun to do while I work on putting out my next project. Speaking of the next project - I will be announcing it as soon as it's ready to go. Keep an eye on the website, or the LJ community, or the forum, as I'll be posting it all over the place once it's live.

For those looking for other strips to read, check out my links section, and also the Keenspot dropdown up in the corner has a ton of good reads on it as well.

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...happy now, Mr. Burns? I thought so.

Some of this information is happily taken from Wikipedia. They write so that I don't have to!


- Kestrel

Kestrel is Felix's and Shannon's roommate. She is 27 years old and has red hair and green eyes. Kestrel is impulsive and eccentric to the point of childishness, when she wants to be. While she is smart in some areas, most of the time she prefers having fun over being witty. Easily distracted and easily amused, she frequently makes random comments and puts herself (along with Felix and Shannon) in embarrassing situations.

- Shannon

Shannon is Felix's wife and Kestrel's roommate. A 29 year old redhead on the orange end of the spectrum, Shannon is the 'straight man' in the household, providing a motherly figure in more ways than one. Don't let the sane disguise fool you - she's just as capable of being odd as the rest of them, and her 'normal' appearance often makes such outbursts appear very, very odd.

- Felix

Felix is Shannon's husband and Kestrel's roommate. He is 25 years old and has blue shoulder-length hair (dyed natuarally blonde) and blue eyes. He works in an office supply store, and while appearing outwardly dense has shown more than one sign of a very calculating and intelligent brain under all the dye.


- Angela

Oh Angela. Where would we be without you? Angela is 23 - a short, spunky girl that Kestrel met when she started working at the toy store, she has blonde hair, brown eyes, and is bisexual and polyamorous, although neither of those things seem to be the hinge on which her life rests. Much of Angela is a mystery, other than that she moved out of her parents house at the first opportunity, loves using her size to her advantage, occasionally swears in Spanish, and likes sticking her fingers in other people's business. Whether this is out of a desire to be meddlesome or genuine caring is also unknown.

- Zot

Zot is a calico kitty. Her hobbies include eating hair and meeping.

- Seamus

Seamus is 25, has brown hair and blue eyes, and is currently in a medical program at the local college. Intelligent and charming, but less-than-ideal in the field of relationships.

- Dawna

Dawna is the manager of the toy store Kestrel is currently employed at. She's sane. Mostly.

- Wannabe-Wiccan Girl

Nameless and brainless, one of the small thorns in Kestrel's side, WWG doesn't have much of a past. Or a spark of intelligence.

- The Grammar Nazi

The living embodiment of all things grammar-related, the Grammar Nazi isn't so much a character as an explosively violent reminder that there are still people out there that would really enjoy it if you would learn to spell correctly.